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SolarGy proudly present some snapshots of our projects. It can be observed that quality, good workmanship and safety are the hallmarks of our installations. These are the very culture of our founders and Management staff who strongly believe in delivering the best finished product to our Clients. The end result was achieved through a series of rigorous engineering phases of the project as follows:

  • Site surveys covering shadow studies, wiring routes, panel mounting, etc
  • Design covering losses calculation, shadow simulation, solar solstice consideration, inverter configuration, electrical safety and protection, lightning protection, etc.
  • Production of shop drawings covering detailed wiring and trunking routes, equipment mounting elevation, mounting details, etc
  • Review of pre-shipment factory test results
  • Sorting of modules to mimimise mismatch
  • Pre-checking of equipment packing contents, components, instruction manuals, etc. before delivery to site.
  • Mock up of typical mounting system
  • Pre-turn on testing
  • etc

Through the various stages of engineering reviews, all our systems have been successfully energised and connected to the grid without any hitches. Most importantly, our PV systems achieve excellent performance ratio which translates to higher returns for our clients. The high PR is a manifest of (a) good quality products, (b) good system design/configuration, (c) good worksmanship and (d) adoption of best practices.