An Energy Monitoring Device. The more you know, the more you save!

The EcoPlug from SolarGy offers a cost effective way to measure the electricity consumption of individual electrical appliances. The EcoPlug has a large LCD display which shows the power consumption, electricity price and operating time of the appliance. Simply plug the EcoPlug into a wall socket and plug the appliance that you wish to check into the socket on the front. The EcoPlug will then display the running cost and energy usage of the appliance in use.


This simple plug and play device will certainly help consumers reduce their electricity bill through prudent use of electricity and cut down usage of energy intensive appliances. Knowledge about the amount of power used enables consumers to make informed decisions about choosing energy efficient appliances, reduction of standby power losses, trim duration of usage, etc. Studies have shown that consumers are likely to conserve more when they can easily monitor their consumption, especially if the LCD display shows the actual cost
of electricity.

The device can be used easliy to conduct a home energy audit as part of the govenment's effort to help fight climate change. Visit NEA's website for more information.


  • Record and display electricity cost
  • Check and display voltage (V), current (A), frequency (Hz), power consumption (W), highest power consumption (Hi W), lowest power consumption (Lo W), total energy (kWh) and unitprice of electricity
  • Easy setting for unit cost of electricity
  • Record total running time
  • Simple to use

Download EcoPlug Brochure
Download Instruction Sheet