Switch to solar electricity at 5 c/kWh
The price of solar energy has been cheaper than grid electricity in recent years, due to worldwide demand and falling prices of solar panels.
Solar energy is clean, reduce carbon emission and help fight climate change.
Solar PV systems require very little maintenance. Just ensure you engage experience and professional system integrator to offer you a complete turnkey solution.
Need financing to adopt solar?
Solar PV system still need some capital investment as you are buying a system that produces clean energy for more than 25 years.
SolarGy has collaborated with UOB to finance solar adopters, to make solar ownership very affordable. This is the U-Solar programme.

U-Solar is a programme designed for both businesses and individuals. Enjoy electricity bill savings while saving the environment, all at low to zero upfront cost! Click here to find out more about U-Solar.
Your solar electricity cost will be fixed for 25 years and you a protected against rising grid tariff.