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Turnkey Solar Energy Solutions

Professional System Integrator / Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) 

Our Management staff are senior practising electrical professional engineer and architect in the building construction industry. With their intimate knowledge of building electrical installations and building architecture, they are well placed to quickly understand the customer's requirements in terms of solar applications to buildings. Similarly, our Management staff are also well equipped with the background engineering knowledge to comprehend the solar technologies of the various PV manufacturers. Combining their building experience and engineering knowledge, they bring about the most appropriate, cost effective and creative solar energy solutions to suit the needs of each project.

We offer complete turnkey solar energy solutions:

  • Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
  • Off-Grid Solar PV Systems
  • PV Diesel Hybrid Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems & Microgrids
  • Building Integrated PV (BiPV) Systems
Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
  • Output of PV system connected in parallel with the grid
  • The more it generates, the more the amount of electricity offset from the grid
  • Excess electricity is exported out to the grid
  • Checkout EMA Determination Paper to find out if you qualify for net settlement (i.e to be paid for PV electricity exported to the grid)
Off-Grid Solar PV Systems
  • For applications and areas without grid supply
  • As solar irradiation is intermittent, a battery bank is required to store the solar energy and to maintain a constant source of supply for the load
Diesel PV Hybrid Systems
  • For applications in remote islands where the primary source of electricity is diesel generator
  • The PV system will help to reduce fuel consumption and  reduce maintenance cost of the generator
Energy Storage Systems
  • Compensates for intermittency of renewable energy
  • Improves power quality
  • Helps grid operators maintain constant frequency
  • Maximize self consumption of renewable energy
  • Demand management
Building integrated PV (BiPV) Systems

Buildings and their processes account for roughly one half of all energy consumption. When the energy required to produce, deliver and assemble materials for the construction of the buildings is included, the total impact far surpasses that amount.

For developed countries to continue to enjoy the comforts that are taken for granted, and for the developing world to ever hope to attain them, sustainability must become the cornerstone of our …. 

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