The Impermanence of Tradition (12th October to 20th October 2019)

Our planet is at a tipping point, from an environmental, economic and social perspective, and everyone must take action now. While the government, MNCs and the industries take the lead to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change, individuals should also do their part by reducing usage of electricity and water and cutting down wastages. Yet there are many other individuals who are not practising sustainability.

Supporters of sustainability can help by creating awareness at micro levels so that collectively it will have a significant effect. What better way to convey the message than through art?

As part of its sustainability drive, SolarGy has generously sponsored an art exhibition program displaying chinese ink paintings from amateurs. The exhibition has a wide display of art pieces painstakingly crated by the artists with titles such as Bottom Awareness, Chaos vs Calm, Blue Beginning, White Mountain, Wet Season, etc. These titles evoke the effects of climate change that the earth is facing. The name of this exhibition is aptly entitled “The Impermanence of Tradition” – like tradition, climate does not remain the same forever.

We hope more artists will create awareness of climate change through their art pieces.