SolarGy profile their staff in the Clean & Green Singapore 2017

The Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) campaign was launched today by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam. This campaign is held every year around November to promote public awareness and action in keeping our environment clean and green. The CGS campaign is a concerted national endeavour to inspire our people to actively care for and protect the environment as well as adopt an eco-friendly and socially gracious lifestyle. 

One of the highlights at the CGS Carnival is the Green Economy Exhibit which showcases the variety of jobs and profile individuals that work in the Green sector. At the invitation of NEA, SolarGy has nominated one of their solar engineers to profile his work in PV systems design, project development, installation, operations, and maintenance of solar PV systems at the CGS Carnival.

We look forward to more engineers taking up careers in the green sector to fullfill Singapore’s target of 2 GW solar installations in the years to come.