How To Use

Download Instruction Sheet 

  • Plug the EcoPlug into the wall socket
  • Then plug the electrical appliance that you wish to monitor the electricity consumption into the EcoPlug
Item Action Function
1 Function  Press

Display the following each time it is pressed:

  • Total running time
  • Voltage (V) / Current (A)
  • Highest Power Consumption (W) / Lowest Power Consumption (W)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Unit Price of Electricity
  • Total Energy Consumption (kWh) and Total Electricty Charges.
2 Power  Press Displays the power consumption.
3 Cost  Press Displays the total energy consumption and total electricity charges.
4 OL - When the LED lights up, the device plugged into the EcoPlug is consuming more power than allowed. Disconnect immediately.
To Set Unit price of electricity Hold COST button & press FUNCTION button Rate is displayed on flashing LCD. Then press the ▲ and ▼ buttons to set the unit charge. When the set up is complete, press the ■ button to end the setting procedure.
4 OL Press the ■ button for 4 seconds of just simply switch off the power  


Operating Example

Fan Off
Fan at Low Speed
Fan at High Speed